JISSI X N-House: Enabling Green Innovation
What is green innovation? Where do we begin exploring the green innovation landscape and what does it mean to enable green innovation and entrepreneurship in Singapore and Southeast Asia?
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Meet-up with Mentors
Meet our mentors in person and let them help you to refine your project idea and grant you exclusive access to their pool of resources. 
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Jack and the Beanstalk: Rethinking Social Innovation for Optimal Impact 
Drawing on his decades of experience, Jack has developed a philosophy and strategy for maximising social impact - “standing on the shoulders of giants”. 
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Introduction to Social System Innovation
An exclusive online information session with prominent and accomplished social entrepreneurs and experts in five fields namely, Water and Sanitation, FoodTech and AgriTech, Renewable Energy, Social Entrepreneurship and 17 SDGs, and COVID-19 Job Creation.
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Decent Jobs Post COVID-19
We invite entrepreneurs, innovators, changemakers to share their experience, perspectives, and key insights.
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