Cohort 2020

Equity Lab
Country: Mongolia & ASEAN
SDG #4: Quality Education
A social enterprise working towards empowering underprivileged youth through innovative empowerment platform to instill entrepreneurial mindset and sustainable livelihood practices. 

The pilot program was successfully rolled out among underprivileged youth living in poor urban districts of Mongolia in 2020-21. Equity Lab is a partner of The Asia Foundation.
Country: Asia
SDG #17: Partnerships for SDG Goals
A digital platform anchored by SDGs, facilitating collaboration between social enterprises, passionate individuals and impact institutions. 

It has proven solutions addressing the needs of local communities that are scalable across the region and positions Singapore as the regional knowledge and community hub of social innovation.
Country: India
SDG #6: Clean Water and Sanitation
Increasing sanitation facilities among the rural poor in India through developing a low-cost, easy and quick to install, sustainable sanitation product. 

This toilet system is designed based on the principles of circularity and resource recovery which enhances people’s sense of attachment for Base of Pyramid communities.
Country: Singapore & ASEAN
SDG #17: Partnerships for SDG Goals
Interseed is a one-stop digital platform that facilitates networks and capacity building for impact founders looking to operate a start-up or business focused on driving societal or environmental good. 

Areas of expertise include circular economy, energy transition, food and agriculture.
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