Cohort 2021

Country: Singapore & ASEAN
SDG #8: Decent Work & Economic Growth
HomeBase aims to be the solution that enables entrepreneurs to operate their home-based business professionally and effectively, and thrive through change and uncertainty during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This is done via the HomeBase application that will oversee a database of 1,000 home bakers and help them manage their finances and operational processes.
Country: Malaysia & ASEAN
SDG #12: Responsible Consumption & Production
Nyawa brings life to agro-rural communities by creating sustainable livelihoods through the production and commercialisation of non-traditional agro-based eco-friendly products.
Country: Singapore
SDG #11: Sustainable Cities & Communities
To enhance global food security, HexAgri introduces the use of an ultra-yield, sustainable, rapidly deployed vertical growing system where green leafy vegetables are produced in high volumes rapidly while combating wicked problems from current agricultural methods.

Upon successful implementation around the communities in the future, estates can expect more greenery and opportunities to engage in recreational farming to de-stress and gain new skills.
Country: Singapore
SDG #8: Decent Work & Economic Growth
Founded on an “of the people, by the people, for the people” model, CasaPro aims to build an F&B platform co-operative where home-based business owners or “homepreneurs” can showcase their products. 

This integrated system will help homepreneurs with order management, delivery scheduling, and payment handling. 

Through this, healthy competition is encouraged, giving homepreneurs the impetus to improve their business, while ensuring maximum benefit is directed to the people who need it.

Country: Singapore
SDG #6: Clean Water and Sanitation
Understanding the need for an eco-friendly, effective and cost-efficient solution, Eco-enzyme aims to reduce the likelihood of algal bloom in by introducing eco-enzymes as an alternative means to water treatment. 

This combines nature’s technology with an innovative business model to restore balance in ecology and improve the quality of life.
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