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What we do

The BOP HUB vision is that everyone has an opportunity for a sustainable livelihood with dignity.

With a mission to design business to end poverty, BOP HUB is a valuable agent in facilitating shared services, distribution, and growth for initiatives aimed at improving the lives of 4 billion people who live at the base of the pyramid.

We work to understand the issues and challenges of our members, design custom solutions, find and enlist appropriate partners and sub-contractors, and facilitate implementation of a turn-key solution for your social enterprise.

To achieve this, BOP HUB offers a growing suite of services including business matchmaking, social enterprise incubation and acceleration services, and global events.


The Largest Population Sector:

> $5,000,000,000,000 USD.

BOP HUB represents the base of pyramid opportunity with > $5 Trillion USD purchasing power every year. Over the past 8 years, we have invested in developing the infrastructure to facilitate a truly all-inclusive global marketplace.

Over 4 Billion People.

In the past, the poor are ignored. Now companies are competing to serve the poor as the rich and middle class market (~3 billion population size) is heavily saturated. The BOP market has been growing at a high rate of ~7% every year globally, they are the new customer base of tomorrow.

Ending Poverty Worldwide.

By leveraging technology and social innovation, we can reverse and break vicious cycles of poverty and improve lives at the base of pyramid (BOP) so that they can become economically active consumers, producers, employees, and entrepreneurs.

A Singapore-based business accelerator platform, our mission is to create an efficient marketplace for communities at the base of the pyramid by supporting entrepreneurship, connecting partners and sharing resources.


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our address

26 Ubi Road 4, #3-0
The Besco Building
Singapore 408613