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The same way Singapore got out of poverty, we can export these best practices, public policies (and) technology, and integrate everybody.

BoP Hub was established in 2011 with a vision to design business to end poverty. A Singapore-based business accelerator platform, our mission is to create an efficient marketplace for communities at the base of the pyramid by supporting entrepreneurship, connecting partners and sharing resources.

To that end, BoP Hub serves as a gateway for business ventures, technologists, and manufacturers to access BoP markets. We work to aggregate and bundle products with distribution, logistics, economies of scale, public policy, design, and technology in order to complete the supply chain and more effectively deliver much needed goods and services to consumers at the base of the pyramid.

Jack Sim is the founder of BoP Hub and the World Toilet Organization. Between the age of 24 to 40, Jack launched 16 businesses in Singapore. However, after experiencing the futility of focusing only on financial gain, he retired from the business and dedicated himself full-time to humanitarian causes on a pro bono basis. As an Ashoka Global Fellow (2007), a Schwab World Economic Forum Fellow, and a Synergos Senior Fellow (2013), Jack’s boldness, insight and perseverance has been widely recognized.

Among his many accolades, Jack was named Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneur of the Year in 2006; Asian Development Bank Water Champion in 2007; TIME Magazine Hero of the Environment in 2008; Channel News Asia Asian of the Year in 2009; and Reader’s Digest Asian of the Year in 2011.

Jack is a firm believer in the economic empowerment of the poor. He established BoP Hub to provide a vehicle for partners in every industry and sector to collaborate and accelerate effective social business models focused at the base of the pyramid.

Donald Hanson

Board Member

After over 30 years as a global executive working with multinational corporations, partners  and startups, Don Hanson retired from IBM, most recently posted as Executive Director at IBM Singapore. He has extensive experience in financial services and information technology.   During his career, he accomplished several first-of-a-kind projects from providing the first SET secure transactions on the nascent internet to pioneering mobile devices and advanced projects in artificial intelligence more recently.
Don is occasionally engaged as a consultant to corporations, but is devoted to helping startups with organisational and growth challenges. He also holds directorships at charities and non-profit organisations.
Don is a United States citizen living as a permanent resident in Singapore with his Singaporean wife.  He holds a BA and a MBA, both from Columbia University in New York.

Liu Yan

Board Member

Liu Yen has been an entrepreneur for the last decade, mainly focused on co-working, social innovation and creative leadership. She began with a strong belief that co-creation among multiple stakeholders is the most exciting and effective way to solve the most complex problems in the world.

In 2008, she co-founded the first co-working space in China – XINDANWEI listed as FastCompany’s “The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in China” in 2013. She authored a bi-lingual book to help others to replicate her model in China and worldwide. In 2013, she founded ASK LAB, an innovation crowd-sourcing company. Later she co-founded the China Australian Millennium Project (C.A.M.P), a unique 100 day part-time incubator program to empower emerging young Australian and Chinese leaders and entrepreneurs.

In the past 5 years, she has been providing co-creation, experiential learning, design thinking and innovation training solutions to C-level corporate executives and young innovators. She co-designed a learning program of “Cross Cultural Leadership” with a focus on helping youth and leaders build empathy, skills and a mindset of leading and collaborating in a globalized world, blending Western and Eastern thinking.

Her current project is the School of Gumption, a subsidiary of BoP Hub. Its mission is to grow change-makers with the can do attitude of Silicon Valley and the holistic mindset of Eastern Wisdom Traditions.

Roberto Fabbri

Board Member

Entrepreneur and advisor to private corporations, Roberto Fabbri has been residing in Singapore for over 30 years. Roberto is passionate about the environment, sustainability and empowering people to emerge from poverty. He served as Centre Director for the Singapore Economic Development Board in Italy and has contributed to several articles and publications on South East Asia.

A Singapore-based business accelerator platform, our mission is to create an efficient marketplace for communities at the base of the pyramid by supporting entrepreneurship, connecting partners and sharing resources.


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